Beginner’s Guide to Golf Handicaps

1. What is a Golf Handicap?A golf handicap is a measure of a golfer’s potential ability, reflecting their average score over a series of rounds. It’s designed to allow golfers of varying skill levels to compete fairly in friendly games … Read More

Golf Etiquette

1. Pace of Play Maintain an appropriate pace by playing “ready golf” and not spending too much time looking for lost balls. Be ready to play when it’s your turn, limiting practice swings to maintain a steady rhythm. 2. Course … Read More

Rules of Golf

THREE SETS OF RULES GOVERN PLAY: USGA RULES OF GOLF (, CHARBONNEAU LOCAL RULES (detailed on score card) and USGA accepted local rule. Out of bounds and lost ball Announce and play provisional ball. One stroke plus a penalty stroke … Read More

Games We Play

The Golf Genius program computes individual player and team scores based on each golfers established handicap, net and gross, as of the day of play. Alternate Shot (Two Man Team Game) Two-man teams alternate hitting the same ball. The first … Read More

History of the Charbonneau Golf Course

Charbonneau Golf Course: Development and Early Years The Charbonneau Golf Course is a key feature of the Charbonneau community in Wilsonville, Oregon. This golf course’s development is closely tied to the establishment of the Charbonneau community itself. Beginning of Development: … Read More

Joe Fieweger, Secretary

Mike Williams, Treasurer

Spencer Groeshong, Vice President

Greg Benesh, President

A mighty tree needs mighty roots that are admired by all. Except golfers (see the new rule).

A revised local ruling will be implemented, at the suggestion of the OGA Rules Team, starting in March of 2024 for all Charboneau Men’s Golf Club events. Now known as the “Local Root Rule,” it will allow players, finding their … Read More

2024-09-04 Sweet 16, President’s Choice Game, $10 ($5 to Veteran’s charity)

2024-06-19 Nassau Individual, front, back, overall Net & Gross winner each section $10 game.

2023-07-30 Don Larson, Yellow 5

You’ve landed in a fairway trap. Now what?

A fairway trap also know as a fairway bunker doesn’t have to be a killer hole. In fact, it’s often possible to finish the hole with a par. Here’s what to do… Remember, practice and experience will help you become … Read More

Exploring the future of Golf Launcher technology using augmented reality goggles

: Overall, AR goggles have the potential to revolutionize the way hobbyist golfers practice, learn, and enjoy the game. By providing a more immersive, interactive, and personalized experience, AR could make golf more engaging and rewarding for players of all … Read More

2024-01-31 Gene Harp, Yellow 7

2024-09-28 Charbonneau Cup Championship 32 players, format TBA,

2024-09-14 Member/Member 2 man best ball, $10 game, Net & Gross, max of 10 stroke differential

2024-08-21 Nassau Individual, front, back, overall Net & Gross winner each section $10 game.