Renew or Join CMC

Registration is open for the 2024 season! 

To join the Men’s Club, fill out the registration form found on the counter above the Men’s Club slot in the Pro Shop, attach a $100.00 made out to “Men’s Club” and put them into the Men’s Club Drawer slot. Please do not simply drop a check in the drawer without the contact information.  Online registration is not available this year.  If you are not in town or can’t get to the pro shop, do the following:

    • Mail your check to Men’s Club Membership, 32020 SW Charbonneau Dr, Wilsonville, OR 97070. Also include in your envelope a card or piece of paper with your correct contact information for inclusion in the membership Directory and website.

    • Complete the Registration Form to be included in the Membership Directory and GHIN.  If nothing from last year has changed, and you are getting club updates on your email, then all we need is your name.  Update any information that has changed and include it with your check so we can change it in your OGA GHIN file:
        •  Name (last, first)

        •  Address (street, City, State, Zip)

        •  Email address (mark n/a if you don’t have one)

        •  Phone number (cell is preferred so playing partners can call you)

        •  Preferred playing division(s) (9, or 18, or 9 & 18)

Your membership fee this year also includes:

    •  Entry in our Charbonneau Cup competition

    •  Hole-in-One insurance and a share of the prize money if you score a hole-in-one at Charbonneau

By submitting your application you agree to abide by the bylaws of the Men’s Club.

Men’s Club Bylaws