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Welcome to the Charbonneau Men's Club!

Our Men’s Club dates to 1975 when Charbonneau was just beginning to be built as a community with one 9-hole golf course which is now the Red 9. We now play on three different 9-hole “executive” (no par 5’s) courses, Red, Green, and Yellow.
The Charbonneau Golf Club is open to the public and offers both 18-hole and 9-hole play based on the member’s choice. The Men’s Club generally offers organized 18-hole games on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Wednesdays are usually an individual game while Saturdays are generally 4-man team games. Nine-hole tee times are available on Wednesdays and Fridays through the Pro Shop.
In order to play in the Men’s Club Wednesday and Saturday 18-hole organized games, a $5 entry fee is required and must be paid upon check-in at the Pro Shop. Based on how you or your team plays, generally about 1/4 of those playing win some money back from the pot. Your winnings accumulate as a credit in the Pro Shop and can be used to purchase any items the Pro Shop sells.

Powered by Golf Genius

The Men’s Club is using a computer-based program called Golf Genius to manage the sign-up and pairing process for the 18-hole Wednesday and Saturday organized games as well as the 9-hole Wednesday and Friday play. Members will receive an email “invitation to play” in each game about one week ahead of the event. You will have the option at that time to indicate “Playing” or “Not Playing.” If you do not respond, you will automatically be assumed to be “not playing.” You can make changes to your choice via the Golf Genius “invite” which allows you to change from “Playing” to “Not Playing” and vice versa until 2 days before scheduled game. Game day scores and winner amounts are posted to the Men’s Club website ( results) later the same day or the next day. 
The Scoring Committee will post members scores on Wednesday and Saturdays for handicap purposes. The Men’s Club website contains a variety of information including: GOLF SCHEDULES & RESULTS: locate flyers, schedules, and results of golf, social, and educational events.