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Policies and Admin Rules

TREASURY POLICY of the Charbonneau Men’s Club

Confirmed by Board of Directors 12/4/2018

Cash or Accrual:

The preferred method for managing the club’s financial assets is the cash basis method.

The accrual method of accounting will continue to be used for annual preparation of IRS filings.

Authorization for Payments:

Requests for reimbursement or invoice payments that HAVE been anticipated in a Line Item in the Board of Directors Approved Budget, require only ONE Board Member authorization for hand-written or online-banking checks.

Requests for reimbursement or invoice payments that HAVE NOT been anticipated in the approved budget, require TWO Board Member authorizations.

Requests for reimbursement of expenses by a Board Member, cannot be signed or authorized solely by the person receiving reimbursement.  A second signature or authorization is required.

Guidelines for Capitalization by Asset Classification:

Furniture and equipment capitalized:

  • All purchases of items costing greater than $1,000.
  • Multiple purchases with an aggregate value greater than $2,000.
  • All other purchases shall be charged to expense.

Computer equipment capitalized:

  • All purchases of items costing greater than $1,000.
  • Multiple purchases with an aggregate value greater than $2,000.
  • All other purchases shall be charged to expense.

Software and related licenses capitalized:

  • External software or licenses purchases greater than $1,000.
  • Multiple software purchases with a value greater than $2,000.
  • All other purchases shall be charged to expense.
  • Web site development costs shall be expensed.

All purchases of food and beverages shall be expensed.

All purchases marketing & advertising materials shall be expensed.

TOURNAMENT PLAY POLICY of the Charbonneau Men’s Club

Approved by the Board of Directors 2/6/2019, and updated 7/6/2020, 2/1/2022, and 2/7/2023

To play in a major Charbonneau Golf Tournament a member in good standing must have played in a minimum of 10 CMC scheduled calendar events and posted scores within the previous 12 months. A new club member having recently joined CMC and has become an Active golfing member but who has not yet recorded 10 event scores,  may request and may be given an exemption by the tournament Committee.

Eligibility for Charbonneau Men’s Club (CMC) Tournaments:

  1. Men’s Club golf tournaments based on skill (major tournaments), including the Member/Member, the Club Championship, Spring and Fall Handicap tournaments and Match Play are restricted to members of the CMC who are in good standing and have an established USGA handicap through the CMC, another club or through a USGA recognized association of golfers.
  2. Other golf events, such as the Men’s Night Out, the Wednesday and Saturday CMC games, the monthly Mixers and the breakfast events may include guests if they have an established USGA handicap. Guests must pay the same entry fee for the prize pool as the CMC member, and it a guest is entitled to a payout at the end of the tournament, he will receive a pro shop credit.
  3. The Men’s Invitational Committee will set the rules to enter and participate in prize money in the Men’s Invitational.

Revised and Board Approved April 15, 2015, and updated February 1, 2022 and July 5, 2022

  • For all CMC events which include food and beverages (e.g. couple’s events, Men’s Night Out and special events) there will be a registration, or “sign up” sheet in the Pro Shop.  The deadline for registration and payment will be two days prior to the event by 10:00 am (e.g. Monday morning for Wednesday Men’s Night Out). Reservations for CMC social events must be made by the published deadline in order that the size of the field will be known far enough in advance to allow the Social Committee to arrange for the correct number of meals, tables and an appropriate space. Payment must be made by check made payable to the CMC and delivered to the Pro Shop by the registration deadline. Late entries will only be allowed if there is a cancellation. Individuals cancelling their reservations for an event after the reservation deadline will be charged the cost of the meal for that event, unless the cancellation is far enough in advance so that a late registrant can take his or her reservations.
    1. Major medical or family emergencies will void the assessment charge; final decisions regarding an assessment charge will be made by the CMC Treasurer.
  • For events that include food, there will be two options available to each player: (1) dinner only; and (2) golf and dinner. Participation in catered social events will NOT be allowed FOR GOLF ONLY. The flyers emailed through Golf Genius announcing each event will specifically state the cost, and the deadline to register and pay the entry fee.
  • Social events which are couples tournaments, including the traditional holiday tournaments (Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day) will be either two-person teams composed of one man and one woman, one of whom much be a member of the CMC, the CWGA or the Niners, or a four-person team composed of two men and two women, of which only two of the four players may be guests, and the other two must be a member of either the CMC, the CWGA or the Niners.  Guests must have an established USGA handicap to participate in prize awards based upon the competition, or be assigned a zero handicap.

In addition to following this Social Events policy, we would appreciate your cooperation in observing the following payment requirements for CMC social events.

  • YOU MUST PAY BEFORE YOU PLAY! If you show up for a CMC social event and have not paid by the established reservation deadline, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TEE OFF!
  • Payment by check payable to the Charbonneau Men’s Club is required.

Policy: Scholarship Fund

SCHOLARSHIP FUND POLICY of the Charbonneau Men’s Club

Confirmed by the Board of Directors 12/4/2018

Charbonneau Scholarship Award Mission:

The Charbonneau Scholarship is awarded applicants that best meet the criteria outlined below as best determined by the Scholarship Committee.

The committee is comprised of one representative from each of the 9-hole Ladies Club, CWGA, And the Men’s Club. Participation in the selection is predicated upon the individual club contributing to the Scholarship Fund. The Committee shall meet no later than the month of October in time for the award which will be presented to the recipients during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Pictures will be taken at that time and sent to the “Charbonneau Villager” in time for publication in the December issue.


  • Non-supervisory employees of the Charbonneau Golf Club (Pro Shop and/or Maintenance) who are 18 years of age or older at the time of application.
  • Applicants can be either full-time, part-time or seasonal.
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited school of higher education or a qualified trade school.
  • Applicants must show a financial need.

Application Process:

  • During the month of September, the Head Golf Pro and the Maintenance Supervisor will announce to qualified employees that applications are being accepted by the Committee.
  • Applicants may. apply by submitting a one page (81/2 X 11) narrative summary outlining their career goals, past achievements, work history for CGCI, financial need and a description of how the funds will be used.
  • The applicant must provide documentation of proof of enrollment in a qualified school as outlined above.
  • Applications must be submitted no later than September 30th of that calendar year and include contact information preferably email and/or phone number.

The award of any scholarship is at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee. All decisions are final.

Policy: Local Rules for Men’s Club Events

LOCAL RULES OF GOLF for Charbonneau Men’s Club

A new local rule will be implemented starting this March, 2023, for all Charbonneau Men’s Golf Club events.  To be known as the “Root Rule”, it will allow a player, finding their golf ball on or near an exposed or perceived tree root, to lift and clean the ball, then drop it within one club length, no closer to the hole from its originally found position.  This rule applies anywhere on the golf course.  It will be the player’s responsibility to notify his playing partners of the situation before applying this rule.  (MGB/2023)

— — — Rule 3.3 USGA Rules of Handicapping — — —
There are various circumstances that might result in a player starting a hole but not holing out. For example, when:

  • The result of the hole has already been decided;
  • A hole has been conceded in match play;
  • A player’s partner has already posted a better score in a Four-Ball format and the player picks up, or;
  • A player has already reached their net double bogey limit on a specific hole.

When a player starts a hole but does not hole out for a valid reason, subject to other provisions set out within the Rules of Handicapping, the player must record their most likely score or net double bogey, whichever is lower, as appropriate for the situation and depending on the format of play.

The most likely score is:

  • The number of strokes already taken to reach a position on a hole, plus;
  • The number of strokes the player would most likely require to complete the hole from that position, plus;
  • Any penalty strokes incurred during play of the hole.

Most likely scores should be determined on any hole in accordance with the following guidelines (There are visual diagrams on the USGA website):

Position of the BallStrokes to be Added
If the ball lies on the putting green, and is no more than 5 feet from the hole:Add one additional stroke.
If the ball lies between 5 feet and 20 yards from the hole:Add 2 or 3 additional strokes, depending on the position of the ball, the difficulty of the green and the ability of the player.
If the ball lies more than 20 yards from the hole:Add 3 or 4 additional strokes, depending on the position of the ball, the difficulty of the green and the ability of the player.

NORMAL Local Rules

Updated 3/23/2020 (Mike Brown Committee Chair)

These rules will always be in effect during score posting season!

  • Every ball counting toward a team or individual score must be holed (No gimmes).
  • All Men’s Club events are played under USGA rules.
  • When inclement weather conditions intercede, the club will play Local Rules for Preferred Lies.

PREFERRED LIES (WINTER RULES) — Generally, when power carts are restricted to paths only, then Preferred Lies are in effect.  Now allowed in the general areas of the course (i.e. includes fairway and the rough, doesn’t include penalty areas). This rule allows for lifting and cleaning the ball, then placing it within one club length (not a putter) of the original position, no closer to the hole than was the original position.

RED PENALTY AREAS – All water hazards are red penalty areas.

BALL LOST OR OUT OF BOUNDS — Play a provisional ball.  The new local rule (drop in fairway – 2 stroke penalty) is not in effect for Men’s Club play unless otherwise noted for a specific event.

Amendment to MGC Local Rules (2-9-2021):
DROP ZONES — During regular Men’s Club play or events, drop zones are not to be used.  Apply the appropriate Rule of Golf drop method for your situation and then play your next shot.  A Penalty of one (1) shot is accrued.

POSTING SCORE — With the introduction of Golf Genius, most of our Men’s Club events are scored and posted using this very powerful software.  However, it is suggested that when you play a postable round and go to GHIN to post your score, that you take the time to post your score Hole-by-Hole rather than posting a total score or the individual 9-Hole scores of your 18 Hole round.  This way GHIN will make any adjustments, if needed, so that your score is accurately posted using the netdouble bogie adjustment currently in place.  Your Handicap Chairman would be glad to explain this process if you need help. (Amended to MGC Local Rules, 8-15-2021, MGB)

Policy: Junior Membership

JUNIOR GOLF MEMBERSHIP POLICY of the Charbonneau Men’s Club

Updated and Board Approved December 4, 2018

Juniors are defined by OGA/USGA in the GHIN system.  After discussions within the Board of Directors, input from many members, and discussions with the CGC Inc. Head Pro, it is the policy of the Men’s Club that:

  1. Membership in the Charbonneau Men’s Club is limited to male adults defined as “regular” members in the OGA/USGA GHIN system.
  2. Juniors may play in Men’s Club events, subject to the Guest Policy conditions and restrictions.
  3. Leadership in organizing junior golf organizations and events at Charbonneau will be led by the CGC Inc. Head Pro, with the full support and encouragement of the Charbonneau Men’s Club.

Policy: Hole In One Prize Pool (HIOPP)

HOLE-IN-ONE PRIZE POOL POLICY of the Charbonneau Men’s Club
Updated and Board Approved October, 2019

Participation in the Hole-In-One Prize Pool (HIOPP) is limited to the following:

1. The 2019-2020 HIOPP golf season will begin November 1, 2019 and end October 31st, 2020

2. The HIOPP prize pool will be paid at the end of the Charbonneau HIOPP golf season. After a deduction for celebratory refreshments (20%, but no more than $300.00), the remainder of the Prize Pool will be divided among all those who have scored one or more holes in one and have complied with the criteria set forth in in this policy document.

3. There will be a celebration of HIOPP winners at the annual Season Tee-Off Breakfast Event, at which the HIOPP winners will serve refreshments to the members.

4. Participant must be a paid-up member of the Charbonneau Men’s Club – entry fees are included in the annual dues assessment.

Policy exception: A previous-year paid-up active member who scores a Hole-In-One during the grace period of November 1 through December 31, will count towards prize pool, as long as member renewed their membership (paid the dues) by December 31.

5. The hole in one must be made at the Charbonneau Golf Course, must be witnessed by a playing partner, and must be reported to the Charbonneau Golf Professional.

6. The candidate for the award, the date, the course & hole and the witness(es) must be identified and signed off by the Charbonneau Golf Professional in writing.

Policy: Handicaps

HANDICAP & RULES POLICY of the Charbonneau Men’s Club

As of December 2018

The purpose of the USGA Handicap System is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling golfers of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. The system provides fair Course Handicaps for players regardless of ability, adjusting a player’s USGA Handicap Index up or down as his game changes. At the same time, the system disregards scores that bear little relation to the player’s potential ability and promotes continuity by making handicaps continuous from one playing season or year to the next.

A basic premise underlies the USGA Handicap System, namely that every player will try to make the best score he can at each hole in every round he plays, regardless of where the round is played, and that he will post every acceptable round for peer review.

committee of members, chaired by a director from the Board of Directors, will be responsible for educating the members of the club regarding handicaps and rules, as well as resolving any questions or disputes by the members.

  • A handicap and rules committee of at least three members will be appointed to ensure that the full intent of the handicap system is followed.
  • All rounds are to be played according to the rules of golf. All rounds played during the active season, and played under Preferred Lies, will be posted.
  • The Charbonneau Men ‘s Club has decided to post scores using the GHIN computer system in the Pro Shop Club Room, or the online GHIN system via a PC/phone/pad app.
  • All eligible scores must be posted to your score history.
    1. Scores from other courses should be recorded at the club where you played within two weeks.
    2. Each golfer is responsible for adjusting their own scores for Equitable Stroke Control and how to adjust hole scores for not finishing either a hole or a completed round.
    3. If a player fails to post an acceptable score as soon as practicable after completion of the round, the Handicap Committee should post the score and/or a penalty score and Ratings equal to the lowest handicap differential in the player’s scoring record.
  • Peer Review: The responsibility rests on all of us to keep each other honest! Please point out to your fellow players when they are not observing either the Rule of Golf or the Handicap System. Do not hesitate to contact a member of the handicap committee if a player refuses to abide by the proper procedures.
  • As stated in the USGA Handicap Manual, the Handicap Committee has the responsibility for ensuring that a player ‘s USGA Handicap Index reflects his ability. Therefore, it may be necessary to make adjustments to a member ‘s Handicap Index (by way of a modification up or down for a determined duration or attach penalty scores due to the following:
    1. Improving faster than the system can react
    2. Numerous away scores changing index
    3. Temporary disability
    4. Failure to post scores
    5. Player manipulating round by posting erroneous scores, stopping play after 12 holes to avoid posting scores, repeatedly playing more than one ball to avoid posting, not adjusting hole scores under Equitable Stroke Control, deliberately reporting more or fewer strokes than actually scored, or deliberately taking extra strokes to inflate a score.

If it is necessary to attach a penalty score, it will be denoted as a “P” score on a member ‘s score history and the member will not be notified.

  • Three “P” scores within a thirty-day period will result in a modification letter being written to the member, to enable him to explain the “P” scores. If the member does not respond, or if his explanation is unsatisfactory, his Handicap Index will be reduced by two strokes for a thirty-day period.
  • If a member repeatedly fails to meet his responsibilities and thereby does not observe the spirit of the USGA Handicap System, the Handicap Committee shall withdraw the member’s Handicap Index.

USGA Handicap Indexis established according to the USGA Handicap System, Section 3, Article 3-4:

  • The maximum Handicap Index is 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women
  • A USGA index of 36.4 will result in a local (Charbonneau Golf Course) handicap of 33

However, local handicaps higher than the USGA system, may be set by this committee; denoted by the letter “L” for local assigned handicaps.

GUEST POLICY of the Charbonneau Men’s Club

Board Updated and Approved 6/5/2019

Men’s Club events are for the enjoyment of members. Members may invite male guests (includes juniors) to play at club events in the following conditions.

  1.  A guest is anyone who is not a member of the Charbonneau Men’s Club.
  2. Guests will not be allowed into the Men’s Club event prize pools unless otherwise noted in the specific event rules (e.g. Invitational Tournament).
  3. Guests may NOT participate in the following Charbonneau Men’s Club events:
    1. Club Championship
    2. Charbonneau Cup
    3. Match Play Championships
    4. Spring and Fall Tournaments
    5. A member can invite no more than three guests per event (e.g. fill up a single tee time).
    6. A specific guest is restricted to no more than four times per year and no more than two times in any one month. These limits encourage guests to join the club if they desire to play more often.
    7. A Member’s guest privileges can be restricted in the judgement of the Tournament Committee Chairman for “too many” guests during a golf season, or other situations that detract from the enjoyment of all the members at an event.
    8. Handicaps are required in most Men’s Club events.Any guest who does not have a GHIN handicap when required, must make arrangements for a handicap with the head pro of the Charbonneau Golf Club 7 days in advance of the event.  Any guest not having a GHIN handicap in advance of the event will play with a ZERO handicap.


The Tournament Committee Chairman can declare exceptions to this policy from time to time, especially for special events where guests are specifically part of the event.

Policy: Due Process

DUE PROCESS POLICY of the Charbonneau Men’s Club

Established – 2008

Periodically during the course of play in Men’s Club events, infractions of the rules of golf or general conduct may be committed either knowingly or unknowingly. When such infractions or conduct are reported to the Men’s Club Board of Directors a complete review of the situation will be conducted as deemed appropriate. The reviewing panel will consist of at least three Men’s Club Members, including the Handicap Committee Chair. Interviews of all parties concerned will be completed and all parties will have an opportunity to express their involvement. Once the review has been finalized, the reviewing panel will report to the Board of Directors.  If it is determined that further action is appropriate, the member under review will be afforded the opportunity to appear before the Board.

If after that appearance, the Board determines that the infraction is serious enough to warrant disciplinary action, a four-step process will be considered:

  • First infraction – verbal warning;
  • Second infraction – official letter of admonishment;
  • Third infraction – suspension from Men ‘s Club Events for a period not to exceed one year;
  • Fourth infraction – expulsion from the Men’s Club.

Should disciplinary action be warranted, the disciplined member will be afforded the opportunity to appear before the Board of Directors to appeal the disciplinary action prior to implementation. Once the appeal has been completed, the Board will take final action considered appropriate.

Additionally, should a member conduct himself in manner that is likely to injure the character or welfare of the Club, or bring discredit to the Club, the provisions of Section 4 (Expulsion from Membership) of the bylaws will be considered.

Approved by the Board of Directors 6/7/2022

The Men’s Club BLOCK of tee times on Wednesdays and Saturdays has been expanded to be 8:04 AM until 10:45 AM, sufficient to accommodate 80 members for Wednesday and Saturday play.

  • Invitations to play on Wednesday or Saturday are emailed to all members seven (7) days before the date of play via Golf Genius.
  • Members are assured tee times if they answer the invitation with “Playing”.
  • It is important to sign up early as the invitations are closed at 12:00 noon three days before the date of play.  If you sign up after the invitations are closed you will be placed on the tournament “wait list”.  Pairings and the Tee Sheet are often generated two (2) days before the date of play.  This is done because Charbonneau is a public golf course and unused tee times in the Men’s Club Block “may” be sold to the public after the Tee Sheet has been emailed to confirmed players. By selecting “Playing” in the Golf Genius invitation you will automatically receive a confirming email.  Please save that email because it will enable you to select “Not Playing” later in the week if you change your mind.  (No shows are a significant problem because they interfere with the Pro Shop’s ability to sell unused tee times)
  • Saturdays normally involve team play and all members responding to the Golf Genius invitation will be mixed. No Shows are a significant problem because they interfere with the Pro Shop’s ability to sell unused tee times. If less than 15% of the members who registered as “playing” either  cancel or fail to show up for their tee time, those members will be replaced with Blind Draws to maintain the total team handicap balance.
  • Wednesdays are normally reserved for individual play and those wishing to mix will be paired first.  All members must have selected “Playing” but a “message to the manager” can be sent requesting specific playing partners.
  • The scoring committee also tries to accommodate “messages to the manager” requesting early or late tee times.
  • No Show: When members sign up to play Saturday team games and don’t show to play, and don’t email the Scoring Committee or call the Pro Shop to let them know they aren’t able to play, the game organization becomes very disruptive. Any member who has signed up to play, and needs to cancel should cancel as soon as possible by sending an email to the Scoring Committee changing his registration to “Not Playing” using his Golf Genius confirming email, or the day of play by calling the Pro Shop at least an hour prior to his tee time. Repeat offenders will be notified by a board member and advised to please notify the Pro Shop or scorers when not able to keep the reservation.  If the member continues to sign up and not show up, Board action may be required.
  • Cancelation: Team games and individual games can be changed or canceled at any time. When players pay their game fees and do not complete their round, the game fee will not be refunded. On questionable weather days, the Pro Shop will not collect the $5 game fee until 30 minutes before the first tee time.  The Tournament Chair, or his designated representative, will determine whether to play scheduled game or not. For individual games, if determined that the scheduled game will be played, the same game will be played as scheduled. For team games, on questionable weather days when it is determined play will continue, the game will be changed to an individual low gross/low net game. A member who has registered to play in a team game, but doesn’t play in the individual game because of the weather will be entitled to a refund of his $5 entry.
  •          Withdrawals and “no shows” that occur after 8 am on the morning of the scheduled game make it difficult to have a team game, because it is very difficult for the Scoring Committee to rearrange the tee sheet in a fair manner.  Therefore, when 15% of more of the members who have registered to play either withdraw after 8 am or simply don’t show up to play, the team game will automatically be changed to an individual low gross and low net game.        

Scheduled Milestones