A mighty tree needs mighty roots that are admired by all. Except golfers (see the new rule).

A revised local ruling will be implemented, at the suggestion of the OGA Rules Team, starting in March of 2024 for all Charboneau Men’s Golf Club events. Now known as the “Local Root Rule,” it will allow players, finding their golf ball in juxtaposition to an exposed tree root, to treat the situation as ground under repair.  This local rule can only be applied in the general area of the golf course that is cut to fairway height or less.  The ball may be lifted, cleaned, and then dropped within one club length, no closer to the hole, from its originally found position (See free relief procedure under Rule16.1b).  It will be the player’s responsibility to notify their playing partners of the situation before applying this rule.  Situations involving a ball on a root anywhere else in the general area of the course will be treated as “an unplayable ball.”  Either play the ball as it lies or take relief under Rule19.2 (one penalty stroke).

Submitted 4-22-2024
Mike Brown
Handicap Chair