History of the Charbonneau Golf Course

Charbonneau Golf Course: Development and Early Years

The Charbonneau Golf Course is a key feature of the Charbonneau community in Wilsonville, Oregon. This golf course’s development is closely tied to the establishment of the Charbonneau community itself.
  • Beginning of Development: The golf course was part of the broader development of the Charbonneau community by Willamette Factors. This development began in 1972 on 477 acres of farmland along the Willamette River.
  • Opening of the Golf Course: The first 18 holes of the Charbonneau Golf Course opened in 1973, and the additional third 9-hole section was opened in 1979. The entire course was designed and built by Ted Robinson Sr. and was completed in 1975.

Charbonneau Golf Course: Community Integration and Management

The Charbonneau Golf Course played a pivotal role in the Charbonneau community’s development and its appeal to residents.
  • Role in Community Development: As part of the planned unit development (PUD) by Willamette Factors, the golf course was included to fulfill the requirement of maintaining 25% open space as mandated by Clackamas County. This decision was strategic to attract homebuyers to the area.
  • Community Ownership Transition: In 1986, after the majority of home sales were completed, the developer offered the golf course to the residents of Charbonneau. An offering was made to all residents to become shareholders in the golf course at $2200 per share, with a maintenance assessment of $20 per month to offset operational losses.
  • Efforts to Maintain Local Ownership: In response to the developer’s intention to sell the course to external parties, members of the Charbonneau community, particularly the Men’s Club, initiated a campaign in 1989 to form a community-owned company. This led to the sale of approximately 550 shares at $5000 each to residents, securing local ownership of the green space.
  • Purchase and Current Operation: The 27-hole golf course and a 7-acre driving range were purchased in 1990 for $2,723,000 by Charbonneau Golf Club Inc. (CGCI), which was formed by the residents. CGCI operates under the oversight of a 9-member volunteer board of directors, many of whom were also active golfers and residents of Charbonneau.

Charbonneau Golf Course: Modern Era and Current Status

The Charbonneau Golf Course continues to be an integral part of the Charbonneau community, offering recreational facilities and contributing to the local lifestyle.
  • Course Layout: The golf course consists of 27 holes, divided into three 9-hole sections named Red, Yellow, and Green. Each section has four Par 4s and five Par 3s, offering a varied experience for golfers.
  • Community Impact: The decision to establish a golf course instead of a community park has provided Charbonneau with a steady revenue stream, helping to maintain the open space without imposing high maintenance costs on the community. The golf course has been a key amenity, attracting residents and visitors alike.
  • Present-Day Operations: The Charbonneau Golf Course is well-maintained, featuring lush, rolling fairways. It continues to be a central recreational facility in the area, drawing golf enthusiasts and providing a natural environment for residents to enjoy.
As of the latest updates, the Charbonneau Golf Course remains a popular and well-regarded facility in the Wilsonville area, reflecting the successful integration of recreational amenities within a residential community.