Does the pace of play suffer when drink carts are present? It would on Fridays at CGC!

The pace of play on a golf course can be influenced by various factors, including the presence or absence of a drink cart. While there may not be comprehensive statistics available that specifically measure the impact of drink carts on pace of play, some general observations and insights can be made:

  1. Positive Influence on Pace of Play:
    • Convenience: Drink carts can provide golfers with access to beverages and snacks without the need to visit the clubhouse or halfway house, saving time during the round.
    • Refreshment Breaks: Having a drink cart available can encourage golfers to take quick breaks for hydration, which may help them maintain their energy and focus during the round.
    • Socializing: The presence of a drink cart may encourage socializing among players during the round, leading to a more enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere, which can positively impact the pace of play.
  2. Potential Negative Influence on Pace of Play:
    • Distraction: While drink carts are intended to be convenient, they can sometimes be distracting if golfers spend too much time socializing or waiting for the cart to arrive at their location.
    • Delays: In some cases, golfers may wait for the drink cart to complete its service at their hole, leading to minor delays.

It’s important to note that the impact of a drink cart on pace of play can vary from one golf course to another and can depend on several factors, including the size of the course, the speed of the drink cart service, the behavior of the golfers, and the course’s specific policies and practices.

Golf course management often strives to strike a balance between providing convenient amenities like drink carts and maintaining an efficient pace of play. To address potential issues related to pace of play, some courses may implement guidelines and strategies, such as:

  • Setting specific times or locations for drink cart stops to minimize disruptions.
  • Encouraging golfers to place orders in advance to reduce wait times.
  • Ensuring that drink cart staff are knowledgeable about golf etiquette and pace of play.
  • Monitoring pace of play and addressing slow play issues as needed.

Ultimately, the presence of a drink cart can enhance the overall golfing experience by providing convenience and refreshment options. However, golf course management and golfers themselves play a significant role in maintaining a reasonable pace of play, regardless of the amenities available on the course.