A message from our president...

 Thank you so much for your support of our golf club!

Without your constant dedication, we would not have achieved the incredible success that we have. I am truly thrilled to be embarking on another year filled with excellence, sportsmanship, and of course, plenty of exciting moments on the course. Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to make our club the very best it can be!

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Greg Benesh

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Member Profiles

From time-to-time a CMC member is recognized for achievements that are happening now or have happened in the past. When we learn of them, we’ll post them here so that you can learn and congratulate them yourselves.

Our first Member Profile recognizes Bill Moir – a longtime member of CMC. He is being recognized in a national ad campaign that features four Navy pilots that served in the Viet Nam War. Bill will tell you that there are so many more pilots that have not been recognized but having flown 150 missions in a time of war is an act of bravery that deserves our recognition and so much more.

Plus, he’s a good friend and a good golfer.

Congratulations, Bill, from your friends at Charbonneau Men’s Club!

Additional footage: CNBC made individual interviews with the pilots in the filming and then edited them into a single combined presentation. Click the following buttons to view the videos:

Recent Hole-in-One Players

2024-06-23 Don Lloyd, Red #4

 I used my driver, a Ping G425 Max set at 10.5 degrees and took a stock shot. I thought the ball was in the back bunker but one of my witnesses, Pam Kahut, found it in the cup. The ball was …...